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  [Grand Ballroom]

Sea Ice as an Essential Climate Variable from Remote Sensing and Modelling
Dr. Stein Sandven (Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center)


Local Ice Load on Ship Hulls - An Approach from Model Testing
Dr. Koh Izumiyama (Hokkaido University)
10:00 Coffee break
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Bi-polar Full-scale Measurements of Operational Loading on Polar Vessel Shaft-lines
Rosca J. O. de Waal, Anriëtte Bekker, Philippus S. Heyns

Global Ice Load Prediction for the Icebreaker Using 6-DOF Motion Measurement Method
Sang Chul Lee, Sunho Park, Kyungsik Choi, Seong-Yeob Jeong

Development of Accurate Ice Observation Technologies for Arctic Oil and Gas Developments and Verification by Field Campaigns
Takatoshi Matsuzawa, Kenta Hasegawa, Shotaro Uto, Koh Izumiyama, Kazutaka Tateyama, Kazuki Nakamura, Chang-kyu Rheem, Akira Asada, Joji Yamamoto, Takayuki Asanuma

An Analysis on Strain Gauge Signal Measured from Repetitive Ramming in Heavy Ice Condition
Se-Jin Ahn, Woo-Seong An, Tak-Kee Lee, Kyungsik Choi


Preliminary 3D DEM Simulations on Ridge Keel Resistance on Ships
Hanyang Gong, Arttu Polojärvi, Jukka Tuhkuri

Resistance and Seakeeping Performance Analysis of an Icebreaker Vessel in Oblique Bow Waves Using SNUFOAM
Woo-Chan Seok, Hak-Kyu Choi, Shin Hyung Rhee

A Discrete Element Model of Ice Ridge Interaction with a Conical Structure
Renat Yulmetov, Eleanor Bailey, Freeman Ralph

A Three-dimensional FEM-DEM Model of an Ice Sheet
Ville-Pekka Lilja, Arttu Polojärvi, Jukka Tuhkuri, Jani Paavilainen

DEM-FEM Modelling Interaction between Level Ice and Conical Jacket Platform
Shuailin Wang, Shunying Ji


ISO 19906 UPDATE - An International Standard for Arctic Offshore Structures
Karen J. Muggeridge, Richard F. McKenna, Walt Spring, Graham A.N. Thomas

Trends and Developments in Antarctic Icebreaking Ships
Rob Hindley, Robert Tustin, Chi-Hyun Sung

Evaluation of the Limit Ice Thickness for the Hull of Various Finnish-Swedish Ice Class Vessels Navigating in the Russian Arctic
Pentti Kujala, Mihkel Kõrgesaar, Jorma Kämäräinen

Canadian Arctic Shipping Risk Assessment System
Ivana Kubat, Lawrence Charlebois, Richard Burcher, Philippe Lamontagne, Dave Watson

Sustainable Arctic Marine and Coastal Technology
Sveinung Løset


Fast Ice Detections in West Antarctica using ALOS-1 PALSAR Images
Miae Kim, Jungho Im, Hyangsun Han, Hyun-Cheol Kim

Development of Mechanical Property Database of -60C CTOD-Assured High Strength Steels for Arctic Offshore Platforms
Joonmo Choung , Donghwa Han

A Study of Performance Test for Winterization in Polar Class Vessel Equipments
Suyeon Oh, Ilsup Shin, Dongwoo Kim

A Study of Heat Transfer Analysis for Winterization Equipment Design Optimization
Donghyun Kim, Incheol Kim, Hokeun Kang

Current Status and Future Plan of Arctic Sea Ice Monitoring in South Korea
Jun Dong Park, JungHwan Lee, Eun Ha Sohn, Jae-Dong Jang

Evaluation of Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Cast Steel for Low Temperature Applications
Gwang Joo Jang, SooBeen Hwang, Youngcheol Lee

Automatic Ice-vaning Control for Arctic Offshore Structures’ Station-keeping
Young-Shik Kim, Hyung-Do Song, and Kuk Jin Kang

Overview of the Development of Safe Voyage Planning System for Arctic Sea Route
Kuk-Jin Kang, Seong-Yeob Jeong, Seong-Rak Cho, Jong-Gil Yeom, Jeong-Seok Ha, Eun- Jin Oh

Monitoring System Research for Risk Warning of Oil and Gas Platforms in the Bohai Sea on Winter
Songsong Yu, Dayong Zhang, Yanlin Wang, Qianjin Yue

12:00 Lunch

Confederation Bridge - Lessons and What They Tell Us about the Flexural Failure of Ice
Thomas G. Brown, Noorma Shrestha

Design Situations and Limit States in the Design of Arctic Offshore Structures
Graham A. N. Thomas

Modelling the Dynamics of Iceberg-soil Interaction During Seabed Gouging
Jeroen S. Hoving, Rutger Marquart, Federico Pisanò

Comprehensive Monitoring of Ice Gouging Bottom Relief at Key Sites of Oil and Gas Development within the Coastal-shelf Zone of the Yamal Peninsula, Kara Sea
Ogorodov Stanislav Anatolievich

Salt Domes Influence on Ice Formation Processes in the North Caspian Sea
P. I. Bukharitsin


Capability Analysis of Dynamic Positioning for Arctic FPSO in Ice
Solyoung Han, Hyun Joe Kim, Dong Yeon Lee, Booki Kim

Environmental Effects on Dynamic Behavior of Moored Turret Ship Based on Numerical Simulations
Evgeny Karulin, Marina Karulina

Development of Platform Motion-mooring System Coupled Solver for Offshore Plant
Sang Chul Lee, Sunho Park, Seung Jae Lee

Relation of Maximum Structural Velocity and Ice Drift Speed during Frequency Lock-In
Gesa Ziemer, Philipp Hinse

The study on Assessing the Structural Reliability under the Condition of Ice Loads against a Floating Body of the Ocean Plant Structure in the Polar Regions
Tae Hwan Joung, Jong Gil Yum, In Sik Nho, Young Taek Oh, Kuk Jin Kang , Su-gil Cho


Ice Loads Dynamics for Model Scale Cylinders of Various Diameters
Petr Zvyagin, Aleksei Dobrodeev, Kirill Sazonov

Flexural Strength of Ice Reconstructed from Field Tests with Cantilever Beams and Laboratory Tests with Beams and Disks
Aleksey Marchenko, Marina Karulina, Evgeny Karulin, Peter Chistyakov, Alexander Sakharov

Large Scale Simulations of Floe-ice Fractures and Validation against Full-scale Data
Wenjun Lu, Hans-Martin Heyn, Raed Lubbad, Sveinung Løset

A Study of Ice Oblique Drift Action onto the Structure Partially Sheltered by Another Object
M. Karulina, A. Sakharov, A. Marchenko, E. Karulin, P. Chistyako

Variation of Stress in Virtual Biaxial Compression Test of Ice Rubble
Sergey Kulyakhtin, Arttu Polojärvi

15:00 Coffee break

Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Ship–ice Interactions in Pack Ice
Hyoil Kim, Namkyun Im, Junji Sawamura

New Ice Resistance Evaluation Technique Considering Hull Form and Icebreaking Pattern for Arctic Vessels
Kyung-Duk Park, Donhyeong Ko

Study on the Procedure to Obtain Attainable Speed in Pack Ice
Hyun Soo Kim, Seong-Yeob Jeong, Sunhong Woo, Donghwa Han

2D Numerical Modeling of Icebreaker Advancing in Ice-covered Water
Junji Sawamura


Experimental Studies of Ice Loads on Pod Propulsors of Ice-going Support Ships
Dobrodeev Aleksei Alekseevich, Sazonov Kirill Evgenievich, Andryushin Aleksandr Vladislavovich, Fedoseev Sergei Sergeevich, Gavrilov Sergei Viktorovich

Full-scale Ice Impact to an Azimuthing Thruster in Laboratory Conditions
Ilkka Perälä, Aki Kinnunen, Pekka Koskinen, Jaakko Heinonen

Ice Load Characteristics on a Model Ship Hull Installed with Tactile Sensor Panels
Seong-Yeob Jeong, Jong-Gil Yum, Eun-Jee Cheon, Kyungsik Choi

Friction Correction for Model Ship Resistance and Propulsion Tests in Ice
Michael Lau

Load-varying Methods for Ship Power Estimation in Brash Ice Channel by Ice Tank Model Test
Takatoshi Matsuzawa, Haruhito Shimoda, Daisuke Wako, Shotaro Uto, Qing He, Shinpei Watanabe


Field Observations and Preliminary Investigations of a Wave Event in Solid Drift Ice in the Barents Sea
Aleksey Marchenko, Jean Rabault, Graigory Sutherland, Clarence O. Collins III, Peter Wadhams, Mikhail Chumakov

Experimental Researching of the Specific Energy Mechanical Fracture of Ice by Method of Uniaxial Compression of Samples
Vladimir G. Tsuprik, Aleksandr T. Bekker, Egor E. Pomnikov, Evgeny S. Ivolgin

Arctic LNG Carrier Structural Risk Analysis for Iceberg Collisions
R. Gagnon, J. Wang, D. Seo, H. Ki, J. Choi, S. Park

Accuracy of a Non-smooth Time Stepping Scheme with Non-rigid Contacts for Ice-structure Interaction
Marnix van den Berg, Sveinung Løset, Raed Lubbad

Sources of Stochasticity in Ice-structure Interaction Process
Janne Ranta, Arttu Polojärvi, Jukka Tuhkuri

  [Grand Ballroom]
18:00 Banquet - Conference Dinner
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