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08:00 Registration Opens
  [Grand Ballroom]

Road to the North - DSME Efforts to YAMAL
Mr. Sungkon Han (Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering)
10:00 Coffee break
  [Grand Ballroom] [Ballroom C] [Iris Room]

Ice Collision Analysis and Alternative Full Scale Impact Test for ARC7 LNG Carrier
Hyeok Geun Ki, Joong Hyo Choi, Sung Gun Park, Sung Kon Han

Numerical Study on the Structural Response of Energy-Saving Device of Ice-Class Vessel due to Impact of Ice block
Sadaoki Matsui, Shotaro Uto, Yasuhira Yamada, Takatoshi Matsuzawa, Shinpei Watanabe 

Bow Optimization of a Polar Tanker Based on Approximate Technology
Zhailiu Hao, Zhipeng Wang, Chengsheng Wu, Yukui Tian

Sensor Arrangement for Ice Load Monitoring to Estimate Local Ice Load in Arctic Vessel
Young-Chun Jo, Joong-Hyo Choi, Sung-Gun Park, Sungkon Han


Bond Model of Dilated Polyhedral DEM and its Applications in Sea Ice Simulation
Lu Liu, Shunying Ji

Effective Tensile Strength of an Ice Sheet Using a Three-dimensional FEM-DEM Approach
Ville-Pekka Lilja, Arttu Polojärvi, Jukka Tuhkuri, Jani Paavilainen

Brittle Failure Simulation of Ice Beam Using a Fully Lagrangian Particle Method
Di Ren, Jong-Chun Park, Sung-Chul Hwang, Seong-Yeob Jeong, Hyun-Soo Kim

Simulating Interaction Between Level Ice and Conical Structures with a 2D Lattice Model
Renate van Vliet, Andrei Metrikine

The Attributes of Local Ice Pressure Analyzed by Discrete Element Method
Xue Long, Shunying Ji


Some Limitations of Using Saline Ice in Lab Tests to Study Structure Interaction with Sea Ice at Full Scale
Robert Gagnon

Loads on Structure and Waves in Ice (LS-WICE) project, Part 1: Wave Attenuation and Dispersion in Broken Ice Fields
Sukun Cheng, Andrei Tsarau, Hongtao Li, Agnieszka Herman, Karl-Ulrich Evers, Hayley Shen

Loads on Structure and Waves in Ice (LS-WICE) project, Part 2: Sea Ice Breaking by Waves
Agnieszka Herman, Andrei Tsarau, Karl-Ulrich Evers, Hongtao Li, Hayley Shen

Thermodynamics and Consolidation of Ice ridges for Laboratory Scale
Evgenii Salganik, Knut Vilhelm Høyland, Aleksey Shestov

Loads on Structure and Waves in Ice (LS-WICE) project, Part 3: Ice-structure Interaction Under Wave Conditions
Andrei Tsarau, Sergiy Sukhorukov, Agnieszka Herman, Karl-Ulrich Evers, Sveinung Løset

12:00 Lunch

Technical Tour (Hyundai Heavy Industries Shipyard Ulsan)

Bus leaving Busan at 13:00
and coming back to Busan at 18:30

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